Conflict Management

A solution-focused platform to support human resources and employee relations.

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Confidential and anonymous access to conflict resolution experts who act as problem-solvers when employees do not feel comfortable going directly to management or HR.

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Human Resources

Get detailed analytics on problem areas at the companies, including critical but unspoken issues, plus expert conflict consultants who can help creatively problem solve.

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Mitigate the risks of lawsuits, bad publicity, valuable employee turnover, poor customer service, loss of revenue, and a decrease in stock price.

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Data-Driven Analytics to Help Address Internal Conflicts

Our proprietary system extracts valuable data from employee sessions without revealing users’ identities or confidential information. The platform also offers viable tools and solutions to actively manage the conflicts.


What’s it Worth to Your Company?

For the information gathered in one problem solving session, your company may save thousands, potentially tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, in:

  • Loss of productivity and innovation
  • Legal fees or judgments
  • Loss of revenue or stock value due to negative publicity
  • Employee turnover and replacement costs
  • Low employee morale
  • Internal fraud
  • Poor customer service

So, what's it worth to your company to discover problems before they grow costly and out of control?

How to Get Started

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Request an account. One of our account managers will get in touch to help your company launch.

2. Launch:

Let employees know about Opptimize by using our announcement templates. Employees with issues can call as necessary, using up to your hourly maximums. Let the problem-solving begin!


Log in to view real-time opportunity analytics, including: a breakdown of reported issues by category, subcategory, department, and hours used. For any issue reported, you'll have the option to schedule consulting with an expert problem-solver. Urgent matters will be reported immediately by your account manager.


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