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Why We Exist

Internal HR departments are extremely important and often have excellent, talented professionals handling internal issues, investigations, and employee conflicts. But let’s face it: HR can’t handle all important issues. Either because they do not have the power to rock the boat or the capacity to handle every issue. Also, in many companies, HR does not hear about all issues. Either because employees are afraid to go on record with a problem or because they simply don’t think anyone will take them seriously or do anything about it.

Disgruntled employees can lead to lawsuits, bad press, high turnover, mismanagement, poor customer service, production issues, lack of innovation, and even internal fraud. That’s why having an external, extremely discrete team of conflict experts at your company’s disposal is so important. Opptimize helps discover, identify, and resolve problems so they become opportunities for growth and culture optimization rather than costly mistakes.

At Opptimize, we are passionate about about creating happier workplaces and low-conflict cultures.

What We Do

People-Focused Problem-Solving & Data Collection

Opptimize provides confidential and anonymous access to conflict resolution experts who act as problem-solving advisers and sometimes as middlemen between employers and staff when employees do not feel comfortable going directly to management or HR.

Data-Driven Conflict Analysis & Reporting Tools

On the employer side, Opptimize provides support to HR and company leadership, including detailed analytics on problem areas at their companies such as critical but unspoken issues, as well as access to expert conflict consultants who can help creatively problem-solve.

Who We Are


Opptimize was founded by Jeremy Pollack, conflict resolution expert and principal at Pollack Peacebuilding Systems, a conflict resolution consulting firm. The Opptimize team consists of seasoned leaders in people operations, information security, conflict resolution, operations, and technology development.

Account Managers

Our team of client managers are our clients' direct personal contacts at Opptimize. Account managers handle all regular communication with company leadership, including the relay of sensitive information, problem analytics, and account data.



Our team of problem-solvers are all experts in conflict resolution. They are handed-picked and highly screened by Opptimize leadership. Each problem-solver has advanced graduate degrees and certifications in conflict resolution, mediation, and psychology. Our goal is to supplement our clients' internal HR departments by providing access to experts with specialized knowledge.

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