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Complementing People Ops Departments with Detailed Analytics on Internal Conflicts

Most of Opptimize's problem-solvers come from HR backgrounds. We know how important it is not to not step on the in-house HR team's toes. We also know how difficult it is for HR to thoroughly deal with or even discover all the critical issues at their company. That's why Opptimize is positioned as a critical complementary tool for HR.


We offer a discrete way of gaining information you might not otherwise obtain, detailed, data-driven reporting, and practical tips in handling the specific issues and general problem areas. You can take the tips or leave them, it's totally up to you. But at least this way, you won't be in the dark. We're like a helpful, external HR assistant...with the absolute highest expertise in conflict analysis and management.


Opptimize Helps Companies Avoid...


Head off fixable issues before they become problems resulting in costly legal fees.

PR & Brand Image Disasters

When a small problem turns into major one, the public and employees will hear about it.

Culture & Employee Morale Issues

Opptimize company culture by discovering internal issues not currently being reported.

Employee Turnover

Employees may leave due to unresolved conflict, which can be extremely costly.

Revenue & Stock Drops

With brand and PR fiascoes can come sudden drops in revenue and stock price.

Diminished Productivity & Innovation

If morale is low and culture is suffering, productivity and innovation will decrease.

Opptimize Statistics

Reported Problems Are Significant

98% of interactions with Opptimize are NOT insignificant complaints. Most people will not go through the trouble. They do not treat us like a compliant department, but rather as a serious outside consultancy.

Many Are Highly Significant or Critical

76% of problems reported through Opptimize have been indicated by companies as highly significant and critical to solving. Many employees are not willing to go directly to supervisors or even to HR for fear of employment-related consequences or social consequences.

Many Problems Have Not Been Handled

48% of highly-significant problems reported through Opptimize were issues company management had not before heard of or properly dealt with. That means almost half of the critical issues companies needed to hear about may have never reached management without Opptimize.

Crucial Role in Resolution

Company management reported that Opptimize problem-solvers played a significant role in resolving or mitigating 87% of the problems they consulted on.

Client Satisfaction

92% of employees who used Opptimize felt satisfied in their interactions with problem-solvers and/or the Opptimize experience.

Satisfactory Resolution Process

77% of employees who used Opptimize felt satisfied with the resolution of the problem they reported.

Confidentiality & Information Security

Confidentiality & Compliance

Beyond the Opptimize confidentiality agreement we execute with every client, all our account managers and problem-solvers are under strict confidentiality and HIPAA compliance agreements. Per our agreement, Opptimize employees and agents can never be called as witnesses in any legal proceeding.

Unidentifiable Information

All companies are designated a unique ID number known only by Opptimize account managers. No company names or employee names are ever recorded or linked to sensitive information. When employees call in, they use the company ID# so not even the problem-solvers know which company the employee works for. Further, at the beginning of each problem-solving session, each problem-solver explicitly informs the employee not to reveal names of companies or employees; they will only report on department or team so as to relay accurate information without specifically identifiable information.

Secure Reporting

All records and issues are reported and maintained in a secure database, labeled only by a company's unique ID. Only your account manager knows which data is linked to which company by ID number. The company name is not recorded anywhere within its portal or records. This way, even in the remote possibility of a data breach, no identifiable information is recorded so no one can determine which company is linked to any record. Further, you determine who has access to any particular areas of your client portal where your reports are securely stored.

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